Two Types of Photography Important for Websites

Having a website, check. SEO based website, check. Quality content, check. Complementary photos, did you forget about that? Bad news, it is going to be a tough journey getting your website visitors to stay interested in your website. Visitors, other than for you to ensure there will be conversion happen, you must first ensure that there will be staying longer on your web. Visual is known to be the main elements that can attract readers. Some 80% of the population remember what they see compared to only some 20% who remember what they read. Visual elements or in this context, photo, plays a big role in ensuring that your web visitors wanted to browse more, way to the bottom of your site’s page.

However, in this article, we are going to centralize in the two types of photography that is very important for your websites, in other words, the primary type of photos used on-web. This include:

1. Candid photography. This type of photography is the most popular one especially on the web as it often captured spontaneous action of living things. It is very common for websites to have text that should be complemented with candid photography as most of the blogs exist conversed using conversation style of texts. This photography usually symbolizes and represents a more relaxed mood rather than the one that was directed. The key is to keep as much light to the subject of the photo.

2. Advertising photography. This type of photography often sells not only products but ideas, concepts, and lifestyles. Photographer Malaysia often assists their clients in capturing the subjects for business purpose. Advertising campaigns often use photos for its advertising and promotion effort no matter if it is for the web, print or broadcast media. Often the photographer Malaysia in this field has wider and better control of the creative hence the freedom of how they want the message translated in the form of a photograph.

We as the photographer Malaysia want to emphasize again how visual can increase the chance of conversion by your web visitors. Visual elements are Photographer Malaysia very crucial especially as it serves as the complementary element in your website.

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