Lofoten Norway – Scenic Attractions and Recreational Activities

Lofoten Norway is known for its magnificent and brilliant normal perspectives. This archipelago has mountains, ocean perspectives, islands and reefs and it offers all the related exercises to give you recreational fulfillment. The bounties offered by Lofoten are stunning and enables you to make the most of your occasions in a life-changing way. This article will impart to you the best Lofoten Norway places with the most extraordinary normal scenes just as the exercises so you won’t miss on anything:

The island of Moskenes

Your journey for a goal offering magnificent date with earth closes at Moskenes due to its regular components. Upon your movement to Lofoten Norway, go for a pontoon trip between the Moskenesstrømmen, which is considered as the most fiercest and perilous bedlams. You will locate the old hints of settlements amid your adventure to Lofoten Norway moreover gigantic Kollhellaren cavern is arranged in Refsvika. This cavern is a beach front cavern around multi year old.

Feathered creature rocks

Lofoten Norway is well known for the settling fowls. You will discover numerous seabirds in the islands, reefs and islets. The best of such islands is the island of Røst.

The angling town of Nusfjord

Lofoten Norway is the center point of angling and angling towns are its strength. You will discover numerous pertinent exhibition halls and to encourage the voyagers, the rorbu lodges are accessible for settlement. This convenience keeps you in contact with the customary angling society. Nusfjord angling town is exceptional in its each perspective enabling you to appreciate very old and one of a kind settlements.

Eggum and Unstad

At Eggum you can encounter the nature by investing some energy at the pebbled shoreline. This shoreline likewise offers midnight sun – one of the best Lofoten Norway attractions.

At Unstad you can appreciate surfing. In Autumn 1995, a passage was likewise initiated giving the travelers access to the town, improving their visit experience considerably further.


Lofoten Norway winter fishery season is a very bustling season. The center of angling action amid this season is Henningsvær. It offers best common perspectives with mountains nearness and ocean environment.