5 moments of Malaysian Ecommerce History

5 moments of Malaysian E-commerce History

Malaysia as it stands represents one of the leading countries in Southeast Asia that is poised to become technological for its citizens and neighbouring countries alike. However, let’s look at the decade since today where the beginnings of  Ecommerce Malaysia:~

1. Malaysia’s first foray into the digital market was with the introduction of ebay in 2004 to the Malaysian Masses providing citizens with not only the means to buy products that they would not only be able to look for online and eliminating the need to physically search for it initially but also to provide a space where they could sell products of their own. A year later cashless alternatives would also arise from the company NBEpay which people today would now know them by MOLpay.

2. In 2007 the first locally run online shopping service would arise in Lelong.my, whose services would rival ebay by giving the market completely to the local citizens and having an effective Malaysian Alternative that would expand the E-commerce market.

3. Lelong.my would later see a direct competitor in 2011 with the rise of Mudah.my which as the name implies, simplifies the process of both buying and selling the products to one another as well as providing a more user friendly environment for those who wanted it.

4. The next year saw even more competitors coming to the market which offered not only local products to buy and sell but also allow Malaysians to do the same businesses with the neighbouring countries as well. Lazada and Zalora would provide the same services allowing buyers to buy branded items without having to leave the comfort of your home though Zalora would chose o corner the fashions industry instead. Carousell meanwhil would provide the traditional trading of personal goods rather than branded ones.

5. In 2015, 11street.my and Shopee entered the fray, with their own spin. 11street would collaborate with Celcom in order to gain the best of bost world by having customers of both gain promotions and sales from either. Shopee would make the process of selling much easier with discounts to shipping and eliminating commission fees.

Now at the beginning of 2019, the E-commerce continues to change and the future has expanded to height unknown. Only time will tell what the next step would be.

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